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Common Roofing Emergencies

If you have a roofing emergency, it can seem like the worst possible thing that is happening. Roofing emergencies are more common than you think and can be brought on by things like weather or just age in general. We will go over a few of them below so that you will know if they occur. Storms can do more than just hurting your roof, they can mess with your plumbing as well and cause you to have to do some plumbing maintenance. This is one of the biggest reasons that emergencies happen on roofs and is something to look out for.

What Is a Roofing Emergency?


We Can Fix Your Roof Damage.

Ripped Off Roof – If your roof happens to become unattached from your home, this is obviously an emergency. This open up your home to all kinds of dangers and will need to be addressed right away.

Hail DamageRoof hail damage is something that can put holes in your roof and create an access point for things like water and the damage that it can cause.

Mold – if you start to see mold growing on your roof and there is a lot of it, it can end up being very dangerous. This is something we take seriously as it can affect your health and the health of everyone in your home.

Water Leaks – Water leaks into your home could mean that your roof is leaking. If you have figured out that this is not coming from your plumbing, than this will need to be fixed before rain destroys your roof.

If you have a roofing emergency in Georgetown, TX, call APEX ROOFING at (512) 677-6817 and we can get it taken care of for you.

Making the Most of Your Roofing Insurance Claim

Roofing Insurance Claim

What Extra Expenses are Covered by Your Policy?

Knowing when and how to file an insurance claim is half the battle. Understanding how to make the most of your policy is the other half. Thankfully, there are a few basic steps you can take to maximize your chances of a favorable answer for your claim and more effectively use your policy. Take a careful look at these three critical tips!

Claim Tip #1: File Sooner, Skip Headaches

This is one of the simplest steps you can take, but it could have a serious impact on the outcome of your roofing insurance claim. As soon as the damage on your roof has been confirmed, file your claim immediately. Many homeowners have hurt themselves by postponing their filing until their window has passed or further storms damaged their roof even more. You’ll protect your home from leak damages and improve your changes of a positive response on your claim by filing sooner.

Claim Tip #2: Explore Your Policy

It always pays to be familiar with your insurance policies, knowing exactly what expenses are covered. For instance, some insurance policies will cover the cost of a hotel stay while your roof is being repaired. Find out what expenses your insurance will cover, and start saving those receipts!

Claim Tip #3: Grab Any Supporting Documentation

Before and after photos are great, but any supporting documentation will help your roofing insurance claim. Your local roofing company will be happy to assist you by providing an inspection and damage report on your home. Not only does this give you a good estimate of your repair or replacement costs, but it also gives you more supporting documents for your insurance company.

If you’d like more information about the filing process, of if you’d like to talk to one of our courteous experts about claim assistance, feel free to call our team at (512) 677-6817.

How To Maintain Your Wood Shake Roof

While wood shake roofs are beautiful, they do require the most maintenance and upkeep out of any roofing system. Keeping your wood shake roof well-maintained will have it lasting to its full warranty. Here’s how to clean and maintain your wood shake roof:

Prevent Moss Buildup

Whenever it rains, your roof will grow moss or algae. You can prevent it by drying your roof or installing metal strips that interact with water to prevent the growth of moss.

Keep Your Wood Shake Roof Well Maintained With These Care Tips

Powerwash Your Roof

Powerful jets of water can blast leaves and algae growth right off your wood roof and won’t harm your roof if done by a professional.

Trim Overhanging Trees

Leaves easily get stuck in between wood panels and the splinters of wood. This not only creates unsightly views, but hinders the roof from breathing and staying dry.

Never Seal Your Wood Shake Roof

While roof coatings do extend the life of roofs, it will do the opposite effect for wood shake roofs. Wood needs to breathe and stay dry, and if you seal it, moisture will get trapped and rot the panels very quickly.

Use Pesticides

Termites and other bugs will be attracted to the amount of pre-cut wood just sitting there for the eating. Protect your roof with pesticides that won’t damage the finish of the wood but will protect it.

If you need maintenance or repairs for your wood shake roof in Georgetown, TX, contact APEX ROOFING at (512) 677-6817 today.

Getting a Roof Inspection

Taking care of your roof is an important step in making sure that you are taking the best care of your home. When you want to make sure that your roof is not only looking the part, but lasting as well, you need to have it looked at by a professional roofing contractor. This is something that should be done once a year that many people typically don’t think about. The reason it is so important is because it helps to make sure that your roof is working the way it should be. It is not often or ever that you would usually get on your roof and look around to see if anything is wrong. Because of this, you can often miss what is happening up there. Shingles can become loose, fall off or even be damaged without ever even knowing. When this happens, it lets in things like water and can create major water damage that could result in a roof restoration or replacement.

Why You Need One

Quick – Many people think the process of getting an inspection done is going to take a long time. This is not the case at all though. The inspector will come to your home and get to work right away. Once they are done they will give you a detailed list of what you need to have done, if there is anything, and then they will leave; it’s that simple.

Peace of mind – Once you have your roof inspected, you will have peace of mind that your roof will last you and that you won’t have to put any large amounts of money into it anytime soon.

If you need a roof inspection, call APEX ROOFING at (512) 677-6817 and we will be there for you right away.

Keep Your Skylight at Its Best

Skylight Maintenance

Maintaining Your Skylight Can Ensure Your Home Gets Quality Natural Light and Energy Efficiency.

Skylights are great systems, allowing more natural light into homes and allowing for quality energy efficiency. However, as with any part of your home, regular maintenance can ensure they will stay at their best and continue functioning for your residence. You may think you need to hire a specialist immediately for maintenance, however, there are some things you can do at your home to maintain your system. Follow our simple checklist below!

Skylight Maintenance

  • Clean The Area – Remove any debris, dirt, and grime from your skylight area and roof. These can damage and wear it down. Using a simple solution of water and mild detergent, wipe down the skylight glass for more natural light and to remove any dirt.
  • Look For Leaks – During the next rainstorm, watch the area around your skylight and take note of any dripping. This may be an issue with the installation or damage to the system itself, both of which require repair.
  • Inspect The Glass – The best time to do this will be while you clean the surface. Take note of any cracks, chips, or missing glass. If you see any of this, you will want a technician to recommend whether glass replacement or a simple repair is necessary.
  • Assess The Mechanism – Some skylights run via gears or motor to open and let air into your home. Be sure to test this system regularly to make sure it is still functioning and not catching.

Have you noticed wear or damage on your skylight? APEX ROOFING is your repair and replacement service specialist in Georgetown, TX. We can assist you with in getting your skylight back to its best and letting more natural light into your home. Call us today at (512) 677-6817!

Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof

New Shingle Roof

Storm Damage May Require a New Shingle Roof.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the United States. This makes perfect sense when you consider shingles’ relative durability and economical price. Though a properly maintained shingle roof can last for up to 20 years, the day will eventually come when you need a new shingle roof. Pay attention for the following signs to avoid total roof failure.

Missing Shingles

Roofs that have outlived their usefulness will begin to lose more shingles on a regular basis. While it’s easy to have the occasional shingle replaced, widespread loss is more expensive to address. Your roof will also acquire an unattractive, patchwork appearance with frequent shingle replacement.

Loss of Granules

The next time you clean your gutters, check for the appearance of roofing granules. Old or defective roofs will shed these in abundance, a clear sign you need replacement. Roofing granules protect your shingles from the sun and impacts. Once they begin to go, your shingle roof will rapidly degrade.

Old Age

The most common reason for roof replacement is old age. Any roofing material, from shingles to slate, will eventually wear out. Even if the roof appears fine, structural weaknesses and hidden damage from wind and hail will leave it highly vulnerable to failure. If you shingle roof is 15 to 20 years old, have an inspection done immediately. In the event of a major storm, an old roof could fail unexpectedly.

Roof failure is a disaster that will result in major damage to your home. Since no one wants to deal with this crisis, make sure to have an old or damaged roof replaced quickly. For a new shingle roof in Georgetown, TX, trust the local experts at APEX ROOFING. Give us a call today at (512) 677-6817 to learn more about our services.

Different Kinds Of Shingles For Your Residential Roof

Are you interested in upgrading the shingles on your residential roof? While shingles remain one of the most affordable roofing options on the market for homes, many homeowners are looking for greater durability, and to meet demand, the industry offers 3 fortified shingle varieties that can do just that! Today we will go over 3 different kinds of shingles for residential roofing.

If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (512) 677-6817 to speak with an expert roofer!

Architectural Shingles

residential shingle roofing

Which Shingle Variety Is Right For Your Needs?

Architectural shingles are available in a broad array of styles and designs, and require less maintenance. While traditional shingles are often applied in a single layer, architectural shingle roofs have several tiers constructed from a better formulated, stronger substance. Average shingles are only resistant to winds up to 80 mph, architectural shingles withstand gusts up to 120 mph, making them ideal for areas that frequently experience strong storms. While these shingles are more expensive to install than traditional shingles, many clients agree that the value of these architectural shingles is well worth the investment.

Impact Resistant Shingles

As you may have already guessed, impact resistant shingles are true to their name, in that they’re able to handle hail falling without cracking upon impact. Hail damages ordinary asphalt shingle systems by cracking not only the surface shingle, but additionally the fiberglass layer on the bottom, which leaves the roofing vulnerable to leaks. High impact shingles are designed to withstand large hail without sustaining harm to the fiberglass matting below. 

3-Tab Shingles

3-tab shingles are aptly named for the three tabs that are cut into the bottom of each sheet delivering a look of dimension and depth by appearing as three separate pieces. These shingles can be applied over your current roof in many cases, shortening labor time and costs. 3-tab shingles are also one of the most cost-efficient roofing materials, and can last up to 25 years when properly maintained. They can resist insect and pests, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions, and they are sold in multiple colors and textures, similar to architectural shingles.

Protecting Your Roof from Major Weather


Major Weather

Make Sure Your Roof Can Last You Through the Winter.


Winter is in full swing and that means heavy wind, hail, and sometimes snow. All of these elements can be brutal to the integrity of your roof. We want to make sure that you are prepared for any and all major weather that may come your way. Your roof is a huge investment for your home and we want to keep it protected just as much as you do. There are ways to get your roof ready for the major weather ahead.

Ways To Prepare

Trees – If you have large trees around your home with heavy branches, it may be wise to cut some of them down. If they seem to be sturdy, you can leave them, but the branches that can easily fly off in heavy wind should be cut off to avoid any risk of them flying off into your roof and causing damage. Another great way to prepare for major weather is to secure your tree down as best as you can using stakes and rope. In the event that your tree does begin to fall down in a storm, it may be helpful so that it doesn’t completely come crashing down into your house.

Gutters – Keeping your gutters clean is a great way to make sure that if large amounts of water or leaves get into your gutters at the same time, that it won’t be too heavy and pull off from your roof. Using a ladder to climb up and look at your gutters is usually a quick and easy way to prevent build-up and damage.

Call an inspector – It’s never a bad time to call an inspector out to look at your roof. When you have an inspector come out, they will do several things, they will check your roof for any damage that it may have, talk to you about any concerns or questions you have, and give you a detailed list of the entire process.

Winter is a crazy time for roofing, so to better get prepared for major weather, give APEX ROOFING, a call at (512) 677-6817.