Does Your Roof Drain Efficiently?

Drain On Top Of Flat Roof

A Drain On Your Roof Will Help Avoid Any Damage.

The primary job of a roof drain is to drain water as effectively as possible off of your roof. Many roofs have a slope so water will slide right off of it and go into your gutter system the way it is supposed to. This works well for these types of roofs, but there are some, like flat roofs, that water has nowhere to go. So what happens when you don’t have a roof drainage system? When you have a roof that doesn’t have the ability to drain water on its own, it will result in still water that can cause serious problems to the rooftop over time by wearing it down and damaging the material. It can also cause damage to the caulking and tar that holds the roof together and seals it, can add stress to the entire structure of the roof, and cause leaks through ventilation pipes, chimneys, and skylights as well. The roofs that will benefit from roof drainage the most are flat roofs. Roof drains for flat roofs are important because it gives water a place to go to get off of a roof. If you are unsure if your roof needs some kind of flat roof drainage, you can always ask a roofing contractor for help. They will be able to assess the situation and guide you to the right kind of roof drainage system for you.

How Does a Roof Drain Work

A roof drain works similarly to the way that a drain in a shower or bathtub would work. Those flat surfaces have a drain on their surface and when water lands on it, it will eventually make its way to the roof drainage system. They need to be placed in very specific areas to be the most effective at capturing the water on the roof. Once the water enters the drain, it proceeds through different pipes and makes its way to either a gutter system or outside drainage system. It is important that you have roof gutter installation done if you wish to have roof drainage.

Roof Drainage Components

The different components that make up an entire roof drainage system are the drains, gutters, and roof scuppers. A roof scupper is an area on the edge of a roof that dips down to allow water to roll into it and drain off of the roof. So what is the purpose of scupper holes? Because flat roofs do not have any slope to them, the scupper holes are placed around the roof in various places to allow the roof to have some slope. Water can then roll into the holes and exit the roof easily. Your roofs gutter system also works in conjunction with this part of the roof drainage and cannot work without one another, that is why it is so important to have a roof and gutter repair when you need one. If you need a roof drain repair, a professional roofing contractor will be able to do that for you do that no damage is done to any part of your roof. There are many benefits to having roof drainage, like:

  • Add a pop of color to your home and update its curb appeal.
  • Protect your foundation and the material that you have chosen for your rooftop.
  • Keeping water off the roof and reduces the risk of further roof drainage issues.
Roof Scupper

A Roof Scupper Allows Water To Fall Right Off Your Flat Roof Into Your Drains.

How To Spot a Damaged Drain System

Gutter Noise – If your gutters are starting to overflow water out of them, they are not doing their job. This means that somewhere in your piping, there is a clog. You will need to clean your drains every month or so to be able to make sure that no clogging happens.

Foundation Cracks – This means your drainage system has not been working for some time. Water can cause a lot of problems with your foundation so it is best to pay attention and have it maintained regularly.

Water Puddles – If you go up to your roof and see puddles of water, your roof drainage obviously isn’t doing its job correctly. It is okay if there is wet on the roof after rain, but puddles mean that the drain is not doing its job and water is ending up sitting on top of the roof which is what we want to avoid.

If you have a flat roof and need a roof repair or want to talk about roof drainage in Georgetown, TX, we have you covered here at Apex Roofing. Our team of roofing contractors know all about flat roofs and the way that they work. Drainage systems can be an excellent asset to your roof and help to keep it lasting for as long as possible. Give us a call at (512) 677-6817 if you have any questions or are ready to schedule an estimate.