How To Maintain Your Wood Shake Roof

While wood shake roofs are beautiful, they do require the most maintenance and upkeep out of any roofing system. Keeping your wood shake roof well-maintained will have it lasting to its full warranty. Here’s how to clean and maintain your wood shake roof:

Prevent Moss Buildup

Whenever it rains, your roof will grow moss or algae. You can prevent it by drying your roof or installing metal strips that interact with water to prevent the growth of moss.

Keep Your Wood Shake Roof Well Maintained With These Care Tips

Powerwash Your Roof

Powerful jets of water can blast leaves and algae growth right off your wood roof and won’t harm your roof if done by a professional.

Trim Overhanging Trees

Leaves easily get stuck in between wood panels and the splinters of wood. This not only creates unsightly views, but hinders the roof from breathing and staying dry.

Never Seal Your Wood Shake Roof

While roof coatings do extend the life of roofs, it will do the opposite effect for wood shake roofs. Wood needs to breathe and stay dry, and if you seal it, moisture will get trapped and rot the panels very quickly.

Use Pesticides

Termites and other bugs will be attracted to the amount of pre-cut wood just sitting there for the eating. Protect your roof with pesticides that won’t damage the finish of the wood but will protect it.

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