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There’s more to keeping a house safe than just roof repairs. That’s why our team at Apex Roofing provides an array of exterior home repair services, so that your home is completely protected from whatever life (or at least the weather) throws your way! From simple gutter maintenance to complete siding replacement, there’s little our Apex Roofing team can’t handle.

Want to learn more about our Georgetown, TX home repair services? Talk with one of our APEX home repair experts at (512) 677-6817, and tell them about your needed repair! Remember, the sooner our team gets to work, the faster you’ll enjoy better peace of mind.

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Professional Repair Work for Your Home

Gutter Services

Many homeowners look to their landscaping to protect them from foundation damage, but your gutters play a huge role as well. By directing water safely away from the base of your house, the gutter system prevents the surrounding earth from becoming saturated and bloated. This hyper-hydration can cause soil to shift, rupturing slab pipes and cracking your foundation. Now you can see why fixing those gutter leaks is so important!

Let our Apex Roofing team repair or replace your damaged gutters today.

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Siding Projects

Healthy siding is key for protecting your home against the elements. Without the insulating effect of siding, you will experience significantly higher energy costs for heating and cooling your house. If you need help finding a material that fits your home’s functional needs and budget, talk with one of our home repair siding experts at Apex Roofing (512) 677-6817.

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Additional Home Maintenance Services

Chimney Repair

While a functioning chimney can provide a beautiful accent to your home’s design, a damaged chimney creates a serious health, water, and fire hazard that cannot be ignored. Putting off repairs can have expensive consequences for your home. You’ll need an expert that knows how to identify the common problems that affect chimneys. Some of the most dangerous hazards of damaged chimneys include:

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Sudden Fire
  • Water Damage and Mold Growth
  • Collapse

Carbon Monoxide: Smoke builds up in congested chimneys, leaking back into the house and endangering family members. This can also occur when the flue tiles lining the chimney interior become cracked.

Unexpected Fires: Specks of burnt wood and other particles mesh into a tarry gunk called creosote. Over time, this substance begins to line the interior of your chimney with each subsequent fire. If enough of this gross creosote gathers together, it can be ignited by rising embers and create a dangerous chimney fire.

Water Damage / Mold:

Damage in the mortar and flashing surrounding your chimney will lead to extensive water damage if not repaired quickly. Rain water flows into cracks and runs down into the interior attic and walls. This can result in detrimental effects to your lungs, throat, and nose, as mold spores and mildew start to grow.

Complete Collapse: Severely degraded chimneys can even topple onto your roof and below, causing wanton destruction on the way down. This can lead to emergency roof repairs, but the real danger lies in the possibility of heavy bricks falling down and injuring someone.

If your home’s chimney has been damaged in a recent storm or as a result of long-term wear, contact our home maintenance team at Apex Roofing (512) 677-6817 for reliable, cost-effective chimney repair in Georgetown, TX.

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Skylight Repair and Replacement

Skylights provide an ample supply of natural lighting for homeowners. The delightful ambiance that follows is both mentally refreshing and great for saving electricity. However, external damage and improper installation can cause your skylight to start leaking, which leads to costly water damage (plus potential mold growth).

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To help you prevent this catastrophe, our roofing team at Apex Roofing offers timely skylight repair and replacement in Georgetown, TX and the surrounding communities. We’ll provide you with a detailed inspection of your roof and skylight system, outlining any pertinent damage and a cost-effective option for the repair. Water damage tends to escalate if left alone for too long, so make sure you contact us as soon as you notice any leaks or stains.

Your Local Home Repair Services

For more detailed information about each of these services, check out the links below or contact our experienced Apex Roofing team today!

  • Gutters Gutters naturally wear down, rust, and crack over time. Talk with one of our experts about repairs or replacement.
  • Siding Repair Siding plays a critical role in protecting your home from pests and energy loss. Make sure your repairs last.

No matter what problem your home is currently experiencing, we’d love to help you find a cost-effective solution! When you contact our team at Apex Roofing, you’ll experience customer service and quality workmanship. See what other homeowners like you have to say about us in our reviews, or give us a call at (512) 677-6817 to schedule your Georgetown, TX home repair services!

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