Fast Chimney Repair

Fast Chimney Repair

For Quick and Affordable Chimney Repair, Call Apex Roofing Today!

At your home, does the chimney get used often, or do you sometimes forget you even own a chimney? It’s critical that you regularly assess your house’s chimney, regardless of how often it sees use. A dilapidated chimney is a hazard to your house, along with a danger to your family, since a failing chimney can potentially collapse, or even start a fire. Thankfully, Apex Roofing provides speedy and cost-effective chimney repair in Georgetown, TX and the nearby areas. Speak with the experts directly at (512) 677-6817 to schedule service now, or to learn more about how we can assist you. Whether you have a chimney leak or some other damage, we are the professionals to call when you need expert chimney repair service.

Our Chimney Repair Service

Assessing a chimney is tricky as well as dangerous, so our professionals don’t recommend that homeowners try this task alone. In order to handle this, we are glad to offer chimney inspection and repair to our customers at an affordable cost. While assessing your chimney, we keep a close eye out for all of the typical signs of damage around the chimney. Common chimney problems include failing mortar, falling flue tiles, wrinkled wallpaper, and splits on the crown.

Cracks in the mortar allow water to infiltrate the chimney’s walls and the resulting weakness can cause the chimney to crumble. Flue tiles, which line the chimney, are there to provide safeguards against house fires, so if flue tiles are dropping out of the fireplace, call for repairs ASAP. The crown serves to prevent water from leaking into the chimney, and if you notice water damage on the wallpaper surrounding the chimney, it might be in need of repair!

As soon as you begin to notice indications of disrepair on your chimney, it is critical that you call for repairs immediately to avoid roofing collapse or fire. Request your service for chimney repair in Georgetown, TX or the surrounding cities by contacting (512) 677-6817 today. After plenty of experience, our experts can help you with all of your roofing requirements, in addition to your chimney inspection or a chimney cleaning. Begin enjoying your home’s fireplace again, with the help of our services!