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There comes a time for many homeowners when they desire a roofing solution that goes above and beyond the quality of traditional shingles. While asphalt shingle roofing offers an affordable roofing solution for many homeowners, there are plenty of other advanced protection and energy efficiency options on the market. And Apex Roofing of Georgetown, TX offers these solutions!

At Apex Roofing, we offer a wide variety of high-end roofing systems for your home. Check them out below or give us a call today at (512) 677-6817 for more details.

An APEX roof GUARDS and PROTECTS all that you love and we’re proud to be a part of it.
Apex Roofing, Redefining the Roofing Experience!

Enhanced Shingle Solutions

Traditional asphalt shingles provide a lot of affordable functionality for homeowners. Texas weather however, shows time and time again that some environments demand a stronger caliber of rooftop protection. Roofing manufacturers have designed enhanced shingle products to support homeowners that frequently face bitter weather. While there are many brands, varieties, and classes of shingles on the market today, many boil down into two popular categories, Architectural Shingles and Impact Resistant Shingles.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural (or “laminate”) shingles are ideal for complex roofing designs, and can last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. They are made to adhere to even the steepest of roofing systems and provide impressive weather defense. You won’t have to worry about wind ripping off your shingles or exposing your home to leaks.

Installation involves a special layering process that increases the overall strength of your roof, but particularly improves wind resistance. Some laminate shingles can withstand wind speeds of up to 120mph. Barring tornado-level force, that’s about as powerful as wind gets!

Architectural shingles also come in a wide variety of colors and textures.

To learn more about architectural shingles, Apex Roofing in Georgetown, TX is the one to call at (512) 677-6817!

Apex Roofing, Redefining the Roofing Experience!

Impact Resistant

Closeup View of Brown Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles Allow Homeowners to Cut Down on the Number of Storm Related Costs.

Extreme wind may be the most common cause of rooftop damage, but hail can be just as damaging. Homeowners finish repairs on their roofs from one storm just to have their roof damaged again the next year. This frustrating process can be avoided with impact resistant shingles.

The resilient form of an impact resistant shingle can withstand hail stones falling at speeds up to 90 mph. This kind of force is usually enough to crack both the top layer of traditional asphalt shingles and the secondary fiberglass layer underneath most traditional asphalt shingles. This can mean serious leaks and water damage. Not all impact resistant shingles are created equal, so you’ll want to talk with your local Georgetown, TX roofer, Apex Roofing, about finding the right impact resistant shingle product for you.

An APEX roof GUARDS and PROTECTS all that you love and we’re proud to be a part of it.
Apex Roofing, Redefining the Roofing Experience!

Premium Roofing Materials – Tile, Wood and Synthetics

Beyond shingles lies the next step in premium roofing materials: tile, wood, and synthetics. These materials may last 40 years and longer and provide outstanding protection and decor for your home! With so many options to choose from, finding your perfect roofing system might feel like a challenge. Our team at Apex Roofing is happy to work with you!

We’ll start first by establishing your functional needs and your budget to get a sense of which roofing systems will work best for your needs. Then we’ll provide you with a list of cost-effective solutions, so that your family can make an informed decision. Give us a call at Apex Roofing  (512) 677-6817 to talk about your premium roofing solutions in Georgetown, TX.

An APEX roof GUARDS and PROTECTS all that you love and we’re proud to be a part of it.
Apex Roofing, Redefining the Roofing Experience!

Tile Roofing

A Texas homeowner favorite, tile roofing provides decades of durable protection and reduced maintenance. Tile comes in a variety of styles, from earthy clay to exquisite Spanish tile. Newer concrete tiles can also simulate the appearance of wood shakes or slate. The curb appeal of a well kept tile roof is outstanding!

Compared with other roofing materials, tiling is considerably heavy. Your roof frame will likely require reinforcement to sustain the added weight. Amateur roofers may crack tiling by walking on it incorrectly. At Apex Roofing, we have professional experience under our belts! Once installed, tiling rarely requires maintenance. However, the under layer will need to be replaced after a decade or two, depending on the environment and how well it keeps.

Wood Shakes

A Wood Shake on Top of a Newer Home

Wood Shakes Provide a Naturalistic Aesthetic for Your Home, On Top of Alluring Energy Efficiency.

While the maintenance requirements for wood shakes are fairly demanding, it’s hard to beat the beauty of natural wood roofing. The hardened exterior of wood shingles and shakes provides excellent protection against wind and hail damage. You can expect 40 years of use out of a natural wood roof, although materials from certain trees may last longer.

Homeowners should note that installation and maintenance costs of wood are considerably higher than traditional shingles. That is because wood shakes and shingles require consistent cleaning to prevent moss and algae growth. However, the resulting long-term beauty of natural wood is certainly worth the effort!


Synthetic Shingles

While premium roofing materials provide alluring aesthetic value and long-term protection, they tend to come with more demanding installation and maintenance requirements. That’s why many homeowners choose synthetic versions instead. Synthetic shingles can convincingly mimic the appearance of natural slate, wood, and tile. Casual observers often can’t distinguish authentic from synthetic.

Synthetics also feature lower weight requirements than traditional premium materials. While a synthetic slate may not last as long as the real deal (50 vs 100 years), it doesn’t require additional roofing supports to install. Faux wood shingles don’t need the consistent cleaning that comes with natural cedar. Synthetic tile is so light, it doesn’t require any roofing supports at all! If you’ve desired a premium roofing system for some time but didn’t want any of the associated maintenance work, synthetic materials could be perfect for you! Give Apex Roofing, your local experienced roofing contractor, a call at (512) 677-6817 and ask about our premium roofing solutions.

You can also learn more about any of our roofing solutions by following the links below!

  • Synthetic Shingles Repair & Installation Synthetics allow homeowners to enjoy the appearance of premium roofing materials without taking on the extra maintenance.
  • Tile Roof Repair & Installation Tile roofing provides long-term protection in a variety of beautiful designs. See which style matches your home!
  • Wood Shake Roofing Premium wood shakes roofs offer one of the most gorgeous natural roofing styles on the market. You’ll enjoy decades of energy efficient roofing.

An APEX roof GUARDS and PROTECTS all that you love and we’re proud to be a part of it.
Apex Roofing, Redefining the Roofing Experience!

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