Synthetic Shingle Roofing

Synthetic Shingle Roofing on Suburban Home

Synthetic Shingles Offer the Appearance of Natural Materials, Without the Extra Maintenance.

Natural roofing materials offer fantastic long-term functionality and beauty. They also come with a lot of baggage, installation and maintenance requirements that not every homeowner wants to deal with. Thankfully, there is an alternative for those looking for premium, low-maintenance roofing. That alternative is synthetics.

Synthetics provide many of the same advantages of natural materials, without the attached maintenance. Your home can enjoy several decades of durable protection after a brief installation process. To learn more, talk with one of our friendly experts about our synthetic shingle roofing in Georgetown, TX. Simply give our team a call at (512) 677-6817 to get started!

General Advantages of Synthetics

What’s more important in quality roofing than durability? Synthetics provide a hardy source of long-term protection for your home. Natural materials may last longer, but they are more vulnerable to impact trauma, corrosion, and other damaging forces. Synthetics utilize a composition of plastics and rubber material to absorb and redistribute impact force without breaking.

Of course, they primary purpose of synthetic shingles is to provide the appearance of natural materials at a more affordable cost. They convincingly imitate premium materials like slate, wood shakes (or shingles), and tile, often at a fraction of the material price. Synthetic shingles and shakes can last 50 years or longer, requiring little in the way of maintenance.

Synthetics are carefully engineered to limit weight requirements as well. While a heavier material like natural slate demands additional roofing supports, synthetics come at a much lower weight class. This means a faster and less expensive installation process as you replace your roofing.


Synthetic Slate

Ascending Rows of Synthetic Slate Tiles

Synthetic Slate Offers a Beautiful Natural Aesthetic Without the Extra Stress on Your Roof Supports.

As we mentioned earlier, natural slate tiles make an extremely heavy rooftop. While the material will often last as long as the residence itself, slate a significant investment to resource and install. That includes building specialized supports to handle the weight.

In contrast, synthetic slate tiles don’t require any special roofing supports, because they come in at a fraction of the natural material’s weight. Slate tiles may crack when walked on, but the rubberized material in synthetics makes it more resilient against impact damage.You needn’t worry about corrosion either.


Synthetic Wood

Multi-colored Synthetic Wood Shingles

Wood Shingles Imitate the Appearance of Wood Without Needing Extra Cleaning Service.

Wood shakes and shingles provide outstanding curb appeal and weather protection, but they also require a significant investment in material and maintenance costs. For those who don’t have the time or resources to keep a wood shake roof, synthetic shakes offer a great alternative. While natural wood requires consistent cleaning to limit moss and algae growth, synthetic shingles don’t have this issue.

Another important difference is the Class A fire rating that’s available for synthetic shakes and shingles. Natural wood is gorgeous, but it’s also vulnerable in the event of a house fire. To imitate the appearance of wood without taking on the additional fire hazard is an impressive feat worth considering when you weigh your premium roofing options.


Synthetic Tile

Installing a Roof of Synthetic Tiles

Synthetic Tiles Require No Additional Roof Supports, Making Them Very Accessible.

There are many wonderful benefits available for tile roof owners. While some tiles feature sturdier protection than others, many are vulnerable to impact damage and foot traffic (for servicing). Synthetic tiles are more resilient by comparison, which is particularly valuable in areas subject to hail storms.

Finding your perfect color and texture from the multitude of options available is a simple matter. That makes the process of finding the right design for your home all the more pleasant. You won't have to worry about additional supports for your rooftop either, as the weight requirements for synthetic tiles are minimal.

Consult With a Roofing Expert!

We certainly believe that natural materials like wood and tile can provide incredible value and satisfaction for homeowners. If you’ve long considered installing a premium roofing system for your home, be sure to also examine your synthetic material options. Their durability makes them an asset in areas where heavy winds and hail have a tendency to inflict nasty damage on traditional shingles. They also come at a fraction of the cost of natural materials, making them more accessible for many homeowners. Synthetics also come with much lower maintenance costs and requirements, a valuable trait for homeowners that don’t have the time to handle roof upkeep.

Most importantly, your family can enjoy the appearance of a beautiful wood, slate, or tile roof without sacrificing quality or security. Find out which roofing systems could be perfect for your home! To learn more about our many Georgetown, TX synthetic shingle roofing solutions, call our team today at (512) 677-6817. We’ll happily talk with you about your upcoming roof replacement or repairs, and help you find a system that matches your needs and budget. Be sure to take a look at our metal roofing solutions as well!