Wood Shake Roof Repairs

Wood Shake Roofing

A Wooden Shake Roof Can Add a Beautiful Look to Your Home.

Do you want a roofing system for your residential property that is stable, aesthetically pleasing, and has a raw look to it? If you responded with a yes to the query above, then a wood shake roofing installation service in Georgetown, TX may be the most beneficial solution for you! At Apex Roofing we provide a variety of home roof services, with wood shake roofs being one of our most popular roofing products. Although shake roofing systems aren’t seen around a lot, it’s aesthetic charm and quality make it an incredibly intriguing roofing system for homeowners to think about. Get in touch with Apex Roofing today by dialing (512) 677-6817 to learn more about wood shake roofing installation for your Georgetown, TX home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Shake

Choosing to install a wood shake roofing system to your house entails a lot of fantastic perks. When comparing wood shake roofing systems to a really traditional roofing system like asphalt shingle roofing systems, wood shake roofing is far more resistant to severe storms. With wood shake roofing, this roof can survive harsh winds, hail, twigs, and other heavy remnants. One of its most regarded characteristics is its beautiful wood material, that is not only aesthetically pleasing but, will also decrease your energy expenses each month. Nevertheless, a wood shake

roof also comes with some big disadvantages, such as considerable upkeep requirements and pricey installation. Maintenance is critical for people to keep wood shake roofs unscathed, and residential property owners who have previously owned a wood shake roofing are able to verify that regular upkeep is required to avoid roofing defects. One other point of concern is that residential property owners who live in locations that are susceptible to wildfires should reconsider wood shake roofing; they are extremely flammable roof systems.

Expert Wood Shake Installation Roofers

When you need wood shake installation for your Georgetown, TX residential property, call us today at (512) 677-6817 to schedule an appointment. Customer satisfaction is essential to our roofing company and something that our certified and skilled roofing contractors bring to each service. We are happy to talk about the roofing process with our customers and also address all questions regarding the residential roof choice you are interested. The focus at Apex Roofing is to ensure our customers get the perfect roofing system for their residential property, so we go the extra mile to ensure that that becomes real.