Roof Flashing Repairs and Installation

At Apex Roofing, we provide comprehensive repair as well as replacement work for roof flashing. A crucial part of a well-built roof, flashing protects exposed areas including seams, valleys, vents, and edges. Flashing does more than defending exposed areas, however, as it also helps direct water away from your home's roof, and into the gutters. Our team is highly qualified to service all areas of your roof so if you are having issues with your flashing, you know who to call!

Roof Flashing

If Your Roofs Flashing Becomes Damaged It Can Open up Your Home to Serious Water Damage.

Your roof develops weakened areas susceptible to water as a consequence of damaged flashing. Roofing leaks will harm your ceilings, insulation, walls, and the roofing system itself, and must get fixed. Your roof’s flashing also carries rainfall led toward it through the roof’s drainage structure. Since compromised flashing attracts rain and then leaks it inside your house, it becomes especially critical to fix. Contact us now at (512) 677-6817 for any questions or problems about roof flashing. Apex Roofing stands as the nearby source for all roof flashing issues.

Flashing Repair Signals

A need for flashing reconstruction will get revealed through these signs. Should you notice them, don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange for repair. Compromised flashing will manufacture the need for much more extensive repairs, as it leaves your roof exposed to the elements.

Age: It was common with old residences to use roof cement or tar as flashing. The owner of the residence will be forced to render service as these substances degrade. Schedule an inspection to reveal whether your flashing has aged beyond the point of usefulness. We install updated, excellent metal when we render service to a house’s flashing defense.

Rust or Corrosion: The day will arrive where even metal flashing, despite its strength, can require repairs. If the flashing begins to rust, then it is time for replacement. Flashing that is now vulnerable to water can no longer accomplish its purpose. As rust persists, it will over time corrode your flashing to the state where it does nothing.

Roof Leaks: For a likely source of roof leakage, point the finger at flashing. If damaged or incorrectly installed, flashing can become a entry point for rainfall. Thanks to its role in your roofing’s drainage system, specific pieces of flashing display additional vulnerability to water. Flashing exists to defend your roofing system from damage, so pieces that have begun to leak need to get restored as soon as possible.

The Expert Answer for Flashing

If you harbor any troubles with roofing flashing in Georgetown, TX, you can invariably call us at (512) 677-6817. Our technicians can perform a complete review of the flashing to identify compromised components, then pursue fixes or replacements as necessary. Around the local community, Apex Roofing acts as the first-rate source for roof flashing.