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Helping families out of frustrating situations is our specialty! With our lasting repair solutions, we’ll take your degraded roofing system and restore it to full functionality. Our cost-effective services are tailored around your family’s specific needs, not any cookie-cutter solution. That’s why homeowners in the local community continually return to us for all of their roofing needs! We’d love to help with any problems or damage your roofing system is dealing with. Call our team today at (512) 677-6817 and schedule your appointment for Georgetown, TX residential roof repair!

Helpful Repair Solutions

Every roofing system’s needs are unique, which is why it takes an experienced hand to provide the care your home requires. We also realize that a roof repair crisis can occur at any time of day and any day of the week. That’s why our crew offers emergency roof repairs for your after-hours assistance!

However, you certainly don’t have to wait for an emergency to call our team for service. Our maintenance services has helped many families avoid costly roof repairs and extend the life of their roofing systems. While every rooftop eventually requires replacement, a few extra years for your roof could mean thousands of dollars in savings. Find out how we can help your roofing system by calling our team or by checking out more of our services below!

Professional Roof Inspection

The value of a thorough roof inspection is hard to overstate. A timely inspection can be the difference between cheap preventative maintenance and a costly emergency down the road. Comprehensive roof inspections should take a full-system approach, examining each of these areas:

  • Flashing
  • Fascia and Soffit
  • Seals
  • Caulking
  • The Rooftop Materials
  • Supporting Framework

The amount of degradation a single roof leak can inflict is unbelievable. Vulnerabilities in your roofing system, such as curled shingles, will be uncovered during a thorough inspection. Afterwards, your insightful roofer will provide cost-effective repair options for dealing with each challenge.

Regular inspections are prudent for any roofing system, not just for asphalt shingles. Even sturdy metal roofing should be inspected every few years to monitor the health of the system. If your home hasn’t been inspected for some time, contact our office today and arrange a Georgetown, TX roof inspection that’s convenient for your schedule.

No matter what sort of roofing problems your family is facing this month, our dedicated team at Apex Roofing would love to provide the solutions you need! Schedule an inspection or gather more information about our Georgetown, TX residential roof repair by contacting us at (512) 677-6817!

Chimney Repair and Replacement

Our team also provides affordable chimney repair in Georgetown, TX. Cracked mortar or damaged flue tiles could lead to significant problems for your family as you try to enjoy your fireplace this season. Prompt repairs should help you avoid buildup of carbon monoxide or unwanted fires in the upper chimney.

Soffit and Fascia Repair

Newly Installed Soffit and Fascia Board

Professional Soffit and Fascia Repair Helps Protect Your Home From Pests!

Two equally important parts of your roofing system, the soffit and fascia boards provide essential ventilation and defense for the underside of your roofing. The soffit is lined with special vents that allow excess heat to leave your attic space. Without this process, your home would swell up with heat from the sun and consume much more energy during the cooling process. The soffit section is often made from wood, aluminum, or even vinyl. It’s critical that the material remains sturdy and the vents unobstructed.

Your fascia boards, on the other hand, are responsible for blocking birds, rodents, and enterprising raccoons from your attic. The boards also support the weight of your gutter system by serving as its primary point of attachment. Degraded boards provide a variety of problems for your roofing system, such as spilling from the gutters, heightened pest presence in the attic, and more.

Your home’s soffit and fascia produce much needed security for the bottom section of your roofing system. If you’ve started to notice an increased presence of pests in your home, it might be time to have our team perform an inspection. Talk with one of our roofers about scheduling soffit and fascia repair in Georgetown, TX or any surrounding city.

Flashing Repair

Newly Applied Red Metal Flashing Around a Chimney

Healthy Flashing Equals Strong Leak Protection.

In roofing design, there are several areas that are naturally vulnerable to water leaks. These include valleys, chimneys, skylights, and other areas where rain tends to flow towards. Flashing, typically made of metal sheets, cover these sections and allow water to continue downwards off the rooftop.

Without healthy flashing, your rooftop and the interior of your home would be exposed to terrible leaks. Did you know that damaged flashing may actually funnel water into your home? That’s why our Georgetown, TX flashing repair and replacement service works to provide such timely service. Whether your home utilizes an older form of flashing or the latest metal materials, it’s critical that you contact our team at (512) 677-6817 whenever your flashing requires service.