Making the Most of Your Roofing Insurance Claim

Roofing Insurance Claim

What Extra Expenses are Covered by Your Policy?

Knowing when and how to file an insurance claim is half the battle. Understanding how to make the most of your policy is the other half. Thankfully, there are a few basic steps you can take to maximize your chances of a favorable answer for your claim and more effectively use your policy. Take a careful look at these three critical tips!

Claim Tip #1: File Sooner, Skip Headaches

This is one of the simplest steps you can take, but it could have a serious impact on the outcome of your roofing insurance claim. As soon as the damage on your roof has been confirmed, file your claim immediately. Many homeowners have hurt themselves by postponing their filing until their window has passed or further storms damaged their roof even more. You’ll protect your home from leak damages and improve your changes of a positive response on your claim by filing sooner.

Claim Tip #2: Explore Your Policy

It always pays to be familiar with your insurance policies, knowing exactly what expenses are covered. For instance, some insurance policies will cover the cost of a hotel stay while your roof is being repaired. Find out what expenses your insurance will cover, and start saving those receipts!

Claim Tip #3: Grab Any Supporting Documentation

Before and after photos are great, but any supporting documentation will help your roofing insurance claim. Your local roofing company will be happy to assist you by providing an inspection and damage report on your home. Not only does this give you a good estimate of your repair or replacement costs, but it also gives you more supporting documents for your insurance company.

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